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Get ready, the 2017 Exams are coming!

Let OperatorSTAR help you.

Reasons to take the exam now:
  • Over-Certification Pay:  Are you are missing out on a larger paycheck?  Many agencies offer incentives of +2.5% for certs above the level required by your position.  That is $1,500 per year for an operator that makes $60k per year. 

  • Promotion/Job Opportunity:  Are there positions in your agency (or another agency) that require higher certification?  By having a certificate in hand before you need it, you will be more competitive in a selection process.
  • Recently Passed an Exam:  There is a definite advantage to taking the tests as close together as possible.  Many operators regret that they waited five years or more between exams.  Remember that a passing result is valid for four years giving you plenty of time to gain any required experience  credit.

  • Required:  Did you get hired on the condition that you earn a higher certification?  Don't wait until the last minute!

Reasons to use OperatorStar

  • You've tried (or heard) about other courses led by engineers or lab professionals and the trainer could rarely relate to the experiences you've had as an operator.  I am a certified operator in California.

  • You want or need more than a "REVIEW".

  • You need a class closer to your plant.

  • You realize that preparing for a certification exam takes more than someone reading example problems to you.

  • You want someone who takes a personal approach to training. You are not just a paycheck to me!

  • "I can't do the math."  Yes you can!  There is no birthright to math ability.  You need someone to explain the "why" and the "how" and then it just comes down to practice.  Let me help get you started.
  • "I've heard the test is really hard."  "I've already tried to pass the test X times."  No course can guarantee you a passing score.  I have taken exams for more than 35 years (including these certification tests) and can successfully identify key material to focus your study efforts. 
Are you a procrastinator?  If so, I can offer a "personal trainer" option where you can receive weekly reminders (study topics and example problems) for the upcoming test.